About SeaCo Catch

SeaCo Catch was created to provide a better option for plant based seafood. We consider ourselves a reducitarean business who recognizes and aims to provide better options to reduce animal consumption. Our signature product, Fÿsh, has proven to be a one of a kind item and subsequently been the base of our award winning tacos.

We created this plant based gluten free, whole food, seafood substitute with the intention of being an absolutely delicious alternative to fried fish! Letting our awards speak for themselves we feel confident in taking the next steps to launch the product and hopefully get it into grocery stores and restaurants soon.

We have won the following awards

  • 2019 LA’s Best Vegan Taco (1st Place Judges & Peoples Choice) First time the event has had a unanimous winner
  • 2020 Oceanside Flavor 1st Place Overall (Non Vegan Event)
  • 2021 SD Bay Food and Wine “San Diego’s Best Taco”  (1st Place Judges & Peoples Choice) First Time a Vegan Taco has won the event